Coming this Spring – Childrens Free Food Garden!

Seattle Farm School is a catalyst for so much more than awesome classes to learn sustainable and crafty skills. We are here to do good in our community. Specifically for our children. Did you know that we have over 2,000 children right here in the very northern part of West Seattle? From Alaska Junction to Alki? That’s a LOT of kids. And there are thousands more from the Alaska Junction south through the rest of West Seattle. I believe in helping the people right in your own neighborhood first and I’m especially committed to helping the kids that live all around us.

First things first, kids need food. Really good healthy growing food for their brains to function properly, their muscles to grow strong, and their bodies to work the way they were designed to work. Our beautiful children all need to eat, play, be loved and have opportunities to learn with all their senses, and be creative and artistic in whatever ways helps them express themselves.

I am so excited…we are going to be partnering with the good people at The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist (right next to West Seattle High School and Hiawatha park) to plant a ginormous free food garden this spring. FREE FOOD GARDEN! For the food bank, for the community and especially for our kids. We care about our kids and with 2,000 of them running around our neighborhoods, this is a fantastic location to grow a garden. Kids can come and see what’s growing, eat what is ripe, sow seeds and nurture the plants that will produce for them. Any day, all day long. Especially in the summer when our garden will be at it’s most productive.

This is not a fleeting idea, I’ve been pondering how to do it since I read an article on summer hunger for school children last July. I knew I had to do something. In September I wrote every seed company I could think of that I was planning a free food garden for children in our neighborhood and would appreciate any donations of kid-friendly plant seeds to get it going. In October I was greeted at the door by a box PACKED FULL of kid-friendly seeds from Territorial Seed Company. It was like Christmas came 2 months early!!  A huge thank you to Territorial Seeds who generously donated all the seeds we need to grow this garden!

In November I had our first Seattle Farm School booth at the Sip & Shop hosted by St. John’s Church and was connected with Jennifer who is in charge of their garden boxes, and JD the Priest-in-Charge.  Last week we met for the first time to start planning the garden!!

The good people at St. Johns’ grew and donated over 300 lbs. of food last year for the food bank and are excited to do even more this year. They have big visions and generous hearts and we couldn’t be happier than to partner with a group of like-minded people right here in our neighborhood.  If you have been to West Seattle High School you have inevitably passed St. John’s, they are practically in the same parking lot! And if you have walked between the church and school buildings, you may have noticed the big garden boxes that were built and housed their garden last year.   That’s where you will find us all spring and summer long!

So, kids, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, and everyone else – if you want to help grow this wonderful garden for our community, WE NEED YOU. Please connect with us – we need your help! We need planters, harvesters, educators, and artists (kids and adults!) to make plant signs.

We’re going to have our first open to the community planning meeting in late January/early February – Please join us!

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