He is Co-Editor of, and Writer at Invironment, an online publication dedicated to Food, Farming, and the Environment. Invironment can be found at or Jeremy also writes and edits Wild Foraging, a serial publication dedicated to edible weeds and wild plants.

Jeremy grew up on a citrus farm in North Florida, and has also has also been an employee in a sandwich shop specializing in pita-bread “ryders” and cherry limeades, a radio DJ, a wedding DJ, a Gothic/Industrial club DJ, an indie puppeteer, a kitchen boy at a terrible pizza joint, a cook at a British pub, a kennel cleaner at a Humane Society, a priest-in-training, a cook at a popular cafe in South Florida, a member of the Stuckist art movement, a professional Tarot reader, an Assistant Manager at a music store, a tour guide at the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park, a cubicle monkey for, an organizer for a tech union, and office worker for a newspaper union, and a scheduler for cancer patients, not particularly in that order.
After moving to Seattle in 1998 and falling in love with plants, he eventually found his way to Permaculture and never looked back. He has a beautiful wife and a giggly little son.
More information about Jeremy can be found on his personal website,

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