Recently, a lot of excitement has been made about the New Yorker article that describes the devastation that will happen when the west coast plunges into the sea when the BIG ONE hits. If you are from here, it isn’t news to us. We native Northwesterners have been practicing “drop and cover” drills since Kindergarten. However, that doesn’t mean we are prepared and ready. Far from it, at least in my house. Reading this article has brought the need to prepare to the forefront of my life, especially now that we have young kids to protect,

I have always been intrigued with emergency preparedness and acquiring survival skills. I’ve been First Aid/CPR trained since I was 15. In my junior year of high school I became my school’s athletic trainer and treated countless injuries from football, basketball and soccer. During my senior year I did double duty as a cheerleader and the athletic trainer and every time an injury occurred I would run out on the field to treat the athlete…slightly embarrassing in my cheer skirt but it was important to me to provide good care for our teams. I’ve always loved knowing how to make wounds better, prevent injuries and care for people.

In college I completed 95% of the Search & Rescue training and dropped out during a subzero night under a tarp shelter after hours of freezing rain. The thing that really got to me was going on a “real” search in the middle of the dark and hearing a child crying in the distance, through the woods, somewhere down a dark, spooky trail…not knowing what we would find and have to carry out of there shook me up. Would the child be whole or in pieces? I packed up my stuff when we got back to base camp and knew deep down I wasn’t cut out to be a Search and Rescue volunteer. (The child was a staff kid, with a parent, doing a GREAT job of acting and was totally safe).

Since having kids my inner pull towards being prepared for an emergency has gotten so strong it keeps me up at night pinning emergency prep ideas, bug out bag lists and self-defense tactics. Last fall I went to the local sportsmans club and shot air pistols for the first time so I could begin training how to use, disable and defend myself and family with firearms. I was a damn good shot and look forward to more training.

Last week, the article about the BIG ONE came out and brought all of this back to the surface. I’ve already been planning a “Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” workshop weekend for this fal in conjunction with Emergency Preparedness Month but am now expanding it to be a 6 month follow along course to help us all get prepared for disasters longer than 3 days – both sheltering at home and “bugging out”. We’ll cover a topic a month – build a skill, get your supplies, and learn how to take care of yourselves if the shit hits the fan. We hope you will join us!

Follow along on our new Emergency Preparedness page!

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