Happy New Year Farm School Family!

Thank you for being so invested in the success of Seattle Farm School this first year! I’m deeply grateful to be surrounded by a talented, crafty, passionate group of people who love sharing their gifts with the community! I truly believe we are making an impact not only in Seattle but throughout our region!

I want to share with you our first Annual Report – even though we are a for-profit company I believe it is essential to our character to be transparent about the activities and money flowing in and out of our business. And I’m just so damn proud of what we’ve accomplished this year!

Here’s the breakdown of activity since our “doors” opened November 1, 2014 through December 31, 2015.

We have had roughly 679 people attend a Seattle Farm School event this year including:

– 35 community classes with 275 attendees, including 27 children that attended for free.

– 7 after-school elementary enrichment class series that have served 85 students at 2 elementary schools in West Seattle.

– Over 100 attendees (including at least 30 children that attended for free with their families) on the Urban Farm Tour of West Seattle organized by Seattle Farm School.

– We hosted five free events this past year with 219 attendees:

  1. Children’s garden seed starting and planting parties (65 people – half were children)
  2. A community wide seed swap (55 people)
  3. A field trip to a sustainable homestead on the Olympic Peninsula (16 people)
  4. Children’s fairy house building project at West Seattle’s SummerFest (53 people)
  5. A Bartenders Garden class at West Seattle Nursery (30 people)

We were named the Premiere DIY Place to Learn Homesteading Skills by Seattle Met Magazine in July.

We were named one of the Best New Kid Scenes in Seattle in 2015, according to Red Tricycle!

I’m so proud of our first year!  Way to go team!!


Our financial breakdown from Nov 2014 – Dec 2015 is as follows:

  • Total income of $10,584.95 including sales of $10,014.95 (!!)
  • Total expenses of $9,808.03
  • And a net profit for the year of $776.92!

We owe $600.00 remaining for our web and graphic design work from 2015 that will be paid off asap in 2016.

Expense breakdown includes:

  • $5,543.89 for teacher fees & web design/graphic design fees. (I’m so excited I got to pay real money to people for doing awesome stuff this year!!  Let’s do more!!)
  • $2,052.50 for supplies for classes and events
  • $2,211.64 for office expenses, insurance, taxes and licenses, advertising and other business expenses.

The profit that we have leftover is partially going towards something I am REALLY excited about!

We are starting a nonprofit organization that will serve two purposes:

  1. Create a scholarship program for people with limited income to take our classes; and also help fund continuing education for graduating high school students who want to study urban agriculture and do work that will benefit our cities.
  2. Raise funds to purchase and build an indoor classroom, gardens and community gathering place that will serve as a permanent home for Seattle Farm School and meet the needs of our community.

We want to purchase the Dakota substation property on 50th and Dakota across from the new elementary school in West Seattle. It is a double lot with beautiful trees and a large area that will be perfect for an indoor classroom including space for sewing, crafts, and a teaching kitchen. It will also be available for other community organizations and neighbors to use for gatherings throughout the year. The property is currently valued at $530,000 and will be officially surplussed and for sale around November 2017.

Thank you for a tremendous first year, I can’t believe all we’ve been able to accomplish together these past 14 months!  I look forward to a fantastic 2016 full of more great classes, events, community building and outreach!

Lots of love to y’all,



cover photo: ultiworld.com

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