It may seem like we’re coming out of left field after a few months of knitting, jam making and gardening classes, but emergency preparedness is a major topic here at Seattle Farm School.

It’s an awful fact of life that the world we live in experiences active shooter situations somewhere on almost a daily basis. This is an emotional deal folks, and I get it. As a mom of school aged children it freaks me out. We want to ensure that as many people are trained as possible to recognize early warning signs and can help prevent these tragedies. And if we ever end up caught in the middle of one, that we have the skills and knowledge to know what to do.

This is especially important if you are an educator, in charge of safety and emergencies for your department or company, or fearful of these situations and want to relieve some of the worry you have through educating yourself.

We hope you will join us at this very important training course.  Tickets are free, but you must register for a spot.

Course information:

The Active Shooter, Basic Response Course offered by Alexo Corp. is a 90 minute introductory course. This course includes 70-75 minutes of presentation time and 15-20 minutes for questions and answers. This course focuses primarily on three strategies for the mitigation of these events. Those strategies are PREVENTION, PREPARATION, and REACTION. Prevention strategies include policy, identification, and internal work groups. Preparation strategies focus less on the individual and more on what steps organizations can take to protect their employees and minimize the risk of this type of event. Reaction strategies examine individual responses during an event and what to expect from first responders.

We are fortunate to be teaming up with lead instructors that have a total combined 50+ years in local level law enforcement with over 20 + years assigned to a full time tactical team. They have personally responded to multiple active shooter events, presented at both a local and national level on the topic, and been primarily responsible for aiding in the development of the “best practice” response to these type of events.

Adults only please.

Sign up for a free ticket here: Active Shooter Basic Response Course

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