I visited the Farmigo warehouse here in West Seattle this week to learn about their company and was blown away. These sweet people work diligently every day to bring local farmers produce, meat, dairy, grains and products to our community. The farmers receive at least $0.60 on the $1.00 compared with grocery industry standard of $0.30-.35, there is no minimum order requirements or shipping fees, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a zero waste policy.

Their warehouse was empty, clean and friendly – every week people from the area place orders for products featured on the Farmigo website, the orders are sent to the farmers on Monday mornings and on Wednesday there is a flurry of activity when all the products the farms bring in are repacked in individual bags per customer. Then the orders are delivered to local drop off sites for people to pick up that afternoon! The few boxes of overage (extras that farmers bring to ensure the highest products are delivered to customers every week), gets delivered to West Seattle Food Bank and the warehouse is spotlessly empty once again.

So efficient! They cut out all the middle costs that take away profit from farmers when their products are sold to major grocery chains and give it right back to them…protecting the local food economy and supply chain.

Want to switch some of your buying power to local farms?  Create an account here:

You get 20% off your first order when you use the promo code LOCAL20, there are no minimum ordering requirements or shipping fees and even if you switch over buying just one or two things through Farmigo instead of the store you will be making an impact. Local pickup happens every Wednesday afternoon here in the Alaska Junction/Genesee Hill area. All those little raindrops add up to a full bucket when we come together as a community and decide to buy from our farmers!

Here is a great article in the Smithsonian about Farmigo:

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