We are thrilled to have Vivian join our teaching team as an expert yarn spinning instructor!  Here’s a little about Vivian:

My husband and I retired to West Seattle just over a year ago, to half-time babysit our newborn granddaughter. We had lived for 38 years in the Skagit Valley, the last 25 on a Fir Island farm amid snow geese and eagles. After a brief career in occupational therapy, I chose to raise our 2 kids rurally and continue my (now 50 year) handweaving life at home. I taught weaving for years in Anacortes and after 30 years of spinning, have taught that too. Whether you are a retired knitter or an overly busy tech worker, you will find that spinning yarn is the most calming, hands-on and productive activity you could learn…and it’s as simple as riding a bike. I’ve got several accumulated spinning wheels for you to use while you learn, so why not give it a try?

Join Vivian at the next yarn spinning class starting this Wednesday! Sign up here and make your very own skeins of yarn!

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